Top V Key Pieces 09I12

1. Chelsea Ankle Boots - 53,64€
I bought the Cheslea Ankle Boots from Asos a month ago. I don't think that they are too comfortable to walk in, but they look great and make an outfit seem more expensive. Plus they are a lot chaeper than the Topshop-Chelsea-Boots!

Really love those trousers! In my opinion they look like a mix between the upcoming military-trend and the baroque-trend which is typical for autumn 2012.

Braces are a nice accessory to create a nerdy look. I really like them at the moment, because they are easy to add to an outfit and can be combined with nearly everything!

In my opinion, H&M is perfect for buying cheap and most of the time beautiful accessories. I’ve got some bowler hats from H&M. I’m really into them at the moment!

This leather skirt from Hearts & Bows is at the moment nearly out of stock. The material is great and this clothing item is definitely eye-catching! 

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