It's getting colder outside! I know that my outfit doesn't look like that, but I was in the mood to wear my "summer-shorts" again. The top is from Primark and the hat from ASOS. Although I like the hat, it was pretty expensive (about 25€)! So much stuff to do until Christmas, but I'm actually really looking foward to it! Can't wait to sleep until 11:00am and not to go to school!  



 I fell asleep, while I was writing this post, so it is published one day too late! :( Sorry! I'm wearing my new coat from Primark which was only 35€! My wounderful check skirt is from ASOS!
I am really stressed, because there is a lot of school-work to do :(



First of all I really don’t like Halloween at all! Greedy kids take away your sweets, teenagers get drunk and young women cloth like prostitute. Nobody thinks about deceased relatives. I was invited to go to the city this night, but beside the fact that I hate Halloween, I had to go to the dentist. My teeth aren’t the healthiest part of my body, so I got some fillings.
Due to the fact that I am not going to be at home on Friday, I am not able to post my OOTD on Friday. I hope that you accept my “Halloweenish-outfit” as my weekly outfit! J
Hope you enjoy your holiday!



 Again, I'm sorry for the poor quality... Due to the fact that winter is just around the corner, the days are getting colder and sun is disappearing in the afternoon, so the lightning is getting worse. Today I'm wearing a comfy outfit. I fell in love with the checked scarf again. It gives a nice British touch to a boring outfit!
Scarf & Leggins: H&M
Shirt & Knitted Jumper: Zara