I think the most beautiful and fashionable colour this autumn is dark red. I love berry because it's so warm and aesthetic! Underneath my jumper I am wearing a shirt from H&M which I'm using to achieve the "school-girl-look". As much as I am in love with the berry colour I'm in love with collars! They give something special to your outfit! I have to stop buying dark red clothes because my wardrobe is full of them. 
I'm really sorry for my bad camera quality. I am wanting a new one, but good cameras are expensive. Probably I have to waint until christmas to get a better one!!
Jumper: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Trousers: Topshop


  1. Punkt Eins: Du bist einfach verdammt hübsch! Und Punkt zwei: Das Outfit ist richtig klasse, ich liebs wenn der Kragen von einer Bluse aus dem Pulli ragt.

  2. Wow!Steht dir wahnsinnig!
    Bei mir findet grad ne Blogvorstellung statt,würde mcih echt freuen wenn du itmachst!